Comsel technology

Corona Service Hub – Connectivity + Provisioning


Probably the most flexible way to manage smart metering data.

Comsel Corona Service Hub is probably the most flexible and secure way of managing your smart metering infrastructure. Corona is a total management suite which handles provisioning, configuration, firmware updates as well as day-to-day communication.
Zodiac Smart Metering - Smart metering for all your measurement needs


Smart metering for all your measurement needs.

The Comsel Zodiac Smart Metering Module is a communication module designed for stand-alone operation as well as integration into various meters. All Zodiac devices look the same to computer systems regardless of what they measure, which enables the reuse of technology and infrastructure investments for all your metering needs, from small and large energy consumers to district heating sites.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Future-proof smart charging solution made easy.

Comsel EV charging is a complete charging solution with low cost of operation. The solution covers everything from the chargers and charging experience to billing and grid management in an integrated package with powerful interfaces. The EV charging solution combines Comsel technologies to create a high quality solution for EU standardized charging points used in public and semi-public installations.
Neuron Smart Things Technology – based on 100% open standards


Smart Things Technology based on 100% open standards

Neuron is a solution for IoT datacommunication which enables integration of everything from small sensors to large computer systems securely over the Internet. Neuron devices are securely connected over IP networks in an effective and low overhead manner.