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Vaasan Sähkö Oy is investing in Vaasa-based technology company Comsel System Ltd

Today was announced that the Finnish electricity group Vaasan Sähkö Oy is investing in the technology company Comsel System Oy, based in Vaasa.

Comsel System develops smart metering systems for electricity, district heat, water and gas. The company focuses especially on systems where large amounts of data are managed cost efficiently, with high data quality and level of data security. With the right kind of information available, it is possible to achieve energy optimisations and reduce environmental stress. This will be even more important worldwide as climate goals and use of renewable energy will be imperative.

Comsel System has developed technology that functions as the base of the smart metering system used for varying kinds of energy measurements. These are for example energy optimisation in facilities, intelligent charging of electric vehicles, and optimisation of micro production facilities.

With its technology and competence, Comsel System will strengthen the product development of Vaasan Sähkö, allowing the company to better meet its customers increasing interest and demand for energy metering and -optimisation. Along the investment, Comsel System gets a strong co-owner that contributes with knowledge and experience from the energy business.

Additionally Comsel System retains knowledge and technology within electric vehicle charging, which fully complements the ambitions of Vaasan Sähkö to support the growing area of electric vehicles.

“We are very proud and happy over the investment of Vaasan Sähkö in Comsel System. We have already had a successful cooperation in various projects, and Vaasan Sähkö is a good partner. It feels very good that Vaasan Sähkö now steps in as a co-owner. It is a verification that we have succeeded with our smart metering solutions, and that our thoughts match the demand of the energy sector. Now we have a good strength to take the company forward, and we look forward to the future with great interest and anticipation”, says Kristian Heimonen, CEO at Comsel System.

“We are very proud to announce our strengthened co-operation with Comsel System”, says Stefan Damlin, CEO at Vaasan Sähkö. 

“We have evaluated different technologies for smart energy metering, and we are convinced that Comsel System has a technology that is future-proof. We will be able to use the technology within various areas of our group, and we see huge potential to launch new products and solutions that will favour our customers”, says a happy Hans-Alexander Öst, Director of Business Development at Vaasan Sähkö.

“With this solution, we ensure that we take the lead in this business by offering products and services that will increase the intelligence of our customers’ homes. Further, the co-operation will give us the opportunity to offer products within demand response, which favours our customers. We look very much forward to being a co-owner of Comsel System”, Öst ends regarding the background of the investment.


Comsel System offers products and services for smart metering in the energy sector. The company is founded in Vaasa 1989 and has genuine experience from smart metering in the energy industry. Comsel System has delivered more than 1 Million TCP/IP-based metering points to the Nordic market, where a majority are installed in Sweden. The solutions include products for the next generation of smart meters that are built on modern, standardised and cost effective architecture. The solutions favour all actors in the energy market, and offer the users brand new opportunities to take part of their information about energy use, and thus help users to become more energy efficient.


Vaasan Sähkö is a strong energy group within energy trading, energy transmission and district heating. Vaasan Sähköverkko Oy belongs to the group. The group employs ca. 120 employees and in 2019 the group had a turnover of approximately 153 Million Eur.


Kristian Heimonen, CEO, Comsel System Ltd
Tel: +358 50 383 0001
Stefan Damlin, CEO, Vaasan Sähkö Oy
Tel: +358 50 557 0726
Hans-Alexander Öst, Director of Business Development, Vaasan Sähkö Oy
Tel: +358 40 046 3627